A Brief History of my Education, and Industry Experience

I began my fascination with video games at the age of seven when I received my Atari 2600 and this prompted my exodus to California where I worked two jobs to pay my way through the Academy of Art Universities VFX and Animation program.  
My first industry position was in El Segundo, CA where I worked for stuntman, inventor Eddie Paul.  During my time at Eddie’s shop I completed projects that ranged from the creation of an online TV show to the creation of the Real Life PIXAR cars, which now tour the country when they aren’t sitting in Emeryville.
In 2006 I returned to San Francisco where I took a position at the SEGA studio Secret Level where I served as a Technical Artist for “Golden Axe Beast Riders” and “Iron Man”.  My duties included body and facial rigging for 56 characters as well as some cinematic work, and motion capture wrangling.
Next I moved on to Turbine in Needham, MA to develop an extensive rigging pipeline that included a full set of auto-rigging, and animation tools.  I also assisted with the conversion of the data export pipeline to a more user friendly system, and led all the character rigging initiatives on multiple prototype projects, and the later released “Infinite Crisis.
In 2011 I joined the talented Vicarious Visions team to breath new life into the character rigging department by establishing a rigging pipeline that included auto-rigging tools, topology standards, and a vastly improved rigging standard.  In addition, I took on the studios initiative to provide an in house cinematic rigging solution which has assisted in landing all the cinematic work for the Skylanders franchise.


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