Monday, January 29, 2018

Python 101 On Demand at The Rigging Dojo

Hello, fellow consumers of all things CG. For those that aren't aware, for several years I ran a course on using Python with Autodesk Maya over at the Rigging Dojo. Now I have three young kids, a dozen side projects, and a serious time deficit. To that end, I'm offering up the entire 8 week Python 101 as part of the Dojo's on-demand training lineup.  In this course, you will get the complete walk-through from the very basic concepts all the way up to class inheritance and sub-classes. This is a project driven course, which means you will create a basic rigging tool built on a foundation that is simple and easily extended. But wait! There's More! I don't want to make this a dead course with no new content so I will be doing regular additions to the video series where I share some of the cool Python, PyMel, and Pyside tricks I pick up in my day to day work as a Technical Animator. Those videos will be available to you as part of the On Demand Training at no additional charge. You will also get access to the Python project I used in the course so you can clearly see the final code. So what are you waiting for? Check out the syllabus outline below, and click the link to sign up.

You might also want to take a look at another project I've been working on.  Do you remember those three kids I mentioned? Well, I love teaching so much, I thought I may as well try to teach my kids how to animate, write code, make games, and do other artsy things. I also thought some of you might enjoy joining us on the adventure so I'm posting our process, finished pieces, and a bunch of rambling about being a good parent and junk. Check that out here.  You can also visit our YouTube channel or our Facebook Page.  Thanks for taking a peak.

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